Juliet Arden
24. Model. Candice Accola.
Juliet Selene Arden is a 24 year old, former New York beauty queen. She's also the mother of an almost two year old child named Jennifer. She's married to a man named Justin and their marriage is like an eternal game of "Fight and fuck but remain in love." Eventually it good to be too much and they attempted a separation with Juliet moving out of their Staten Island home. Justin cheated on her then and Juliet spent months ignoring him. After a few more months of arguing and "revenge" play by Juliet, they've decided to give their marriage another try.

Justin Arden - Husband Jennifer Arden - Daughter Kimberly Arden - Best Friend/Sister-In-Law Evangeline Carter - Best Friend AJ Clarkson - Semi friend
Camilla Anderson
26. Teacher. Emma Stone.
Hopeless romantic, obsessively clean, and completely sarcastic. Camilla Isolde Anderson is a living, breathing copy of Monica Geller. A schoolteacher in Florida, she lives on Prospect St. in a comfortable apartment. Her mother died when she was a teenager so now it's simply her, her father, and her brother. She's extremely protective of her younger brother and tries her best to excel at everything she does. When she fails, there are sometimes hilarious reactions.

Richard Asher
34. Strip Club Owner. Michael Fassbender.
Richard Asher is an asshole. Born and raised in Ireland, he was essentially banished from his family by his father because he liked sleeping with men and wasn't ashamed of it. Richard labels himself as bisexual and over the years has really grown into himself. When he got to New York, he became a dealer and even tried his own product on multiple occassions. After being left an endowment by one of his generous lovers, he bought his first nightclub and has never looked back. He's one with plenty of weaknesses though. Alcohol, formerly cocaine, and now it's his girlfriend, Cassandra. They have had a very back and forth/rocky relationship over the past seven years. She's eight years younger than him and has put up with him leaving her, coming back to her, then leaving her again. He came back to New York and they immediately began a relationship again. The only difference is that this time, Richard isn't gonna leave her. Besides that, they own the elegant "gentleman's club" called Seven and with Cassie's leadership, they've expanded to multiple states and even out of the country. She's not just his lucky charm or lover. She's his partner.

Cassandra Bloom - Girlfriend
John Bradford
31. Businessman. Bradley Cooper.
John Micheal Bradford seems to be the typical New York Man. He's intelligent, cultured, and sophisticated. Not to mention filty rich. It came with the family name and although he's had trouble with drugs and within his family, he's devoted to his new life. CEO of Bradford Enterprises, settled down with Evelyn, and has since become a father. He's a withdrawn guy in the public eye but he's willing to do almost anything to support the endeavors of his wife and business. If he's comfortable, he becomes a joker and completely open to whoever he's around at the moment. A car accident has left him injured and vulnerable to the prescription drugs he's been prescribed.

Evelyn Bradford - Wife Edwin Bradford - Son Sally Compton - Employee/Friend Daniel Harris - Best Friend
Carina Devers
22. Nanny/Student. Candice Accola.
Carina is a slacker. She has the dreams but she lacks the ambition. It was sheer fate that she came into the world before her twin brother, Liam. He's her partner in crime and the two are as close as can be. Born and raised in New York City, she's the second oldest since her twin came into the world two minutes after her. She has an older brother named Harrison. When her parents got divorced, the children were split up but only briefly. Harrison went with their father while Liam and Carina stayed with their mother. She and Liam basically poke fun at each other and act like asses. She's about to graduate from Columbia and with no permanent career plans...she's kinda screwed.

Liam Devers - Twin Brother Jude Bennet - Best Friend
Katarina Foster
21. New York Knicks Cheerleader. Logan Browning.
The product of an affair between a married movie producer and an unknown actress, Katarina Michelle Foster has been a reject all her life. While her father and her mother did end up in a relationship after his marriage fell apart, it didn't last long and Katarina was always thought of as the thing that killed the Brooks marriage. At least her half siblings always thought of her that way. She left LA when she was only sixteen years old and lived with her uncle and aunt in Florida. Dancing was the only thing that kept her sane and when she turned twenty, she parlayed that into a career. She auditioned to be a Knicks cheerleader and won a spot. With a sister that married a pro-football player, a brother who'd launched a successful music career, and another sister that was an actress who'd married THE John Bradford, Katarina didn't think the fifth Brooks kid would be noticed very much in the entertainment industy and that was fine by her.

Evelyn Brooks - Half-Sister Alyssa Brooks - Half Sister
Natalie Fuller
23. Music Critic. Crystal Reed.
Born Her Royal Highness Alice Louise Mary Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor of Wessex in Frimley, Surrey, England, Alice is officially the tenth person in line for the throne in the United Kingdom. She's more commonly known as Lady Alice Windsor. She was raised in England by her parents, the Count and Countess of Wessex and is the oldest of their two children. When Alice was sixteen, she was allowed to study aboard in the States. The only problem? Her fourteen year brother had to go with her. Once they were there, they changed their names. It was for their own protection. Now known as Natalie and Isaac Fuller, they attended private high schools. Natalie graduated and attended college to become a music critic. She's decided to settle in New York as opposed to going back home.

Isaac Fuller - Younger brother Erica Swanson - Friend Connor Jordan - Friend
Madison King
24. Librarian. Jenna Louise-Coleman.
England born but New York raised, Madison King has been into history her entire life. When her family moved to New York for her father's job as a palentologist, she began to immediately plan her own future out. She attended New York University for her degree in history. Technically she's a historian but she also works as a librarian in the New York Public Library. She recently just moved back to New York for a job. Her relationship with her Louisiana-born boyfriend, Dallas, ended when she realized they wouldn't work long distance. After a breakdown of sorts, she and her best friend, Matt, have gotten closer. He's running for Mayor and Madison is often seen accompanying him places. They're in a grey sort of area with their relationship. They aren't exactly dating but neither of them consider themselves to be single.

Matt Merriweather - Best Friend/Potential Boyfriend
Ezra Kingston
27. Senator's Aide. Joseph Morgan.
Ezra was born in Croydon, England, United Kingdom but moved to the States when he was a year old. After she struggled for a while to take care of him, she abandoned him at an orphanage where he would spend the next six years of his life. He was later adopted by a couple named Melissa and Camilla Kingston when he was eight years old. He was brought into their family and although he remained emotionally distant, he grew into a well-meaning and bright young man. After college, he worked as a campaign manager for a governor and once the governor was elected to the Senate, Ezra was promoted to be his aide.

Clementine Burke - Friend
Harlow Knox
26. Jaeger Program Cadet. Mila Kunis.
Born in Russia in 2060, Harlow is the younger of two girls and was raised by her grandmother after the death of her parents. She was born in the time of peace. It'd been years since a Kaiju attack but everyone knew all about Jaegers and the heroes that saved them all. When she was seven, Harlow was moved to Kansas with her family and grew up there. She was a scavenger who stole to ensure her family's survival. When she was nineteen, she decided that she wanted to be a part of the Jaeger Program. Maybe if she could protect people, less kids could live the life she used to live.

Ulysses Arctor - Friend/Drift Partner
Gianna Morgan
25. Fasion Event Planner. Scarlett Johansson.
The only child to two Manhattan socialites, Gianna Morgan is Miranda Priestly personified. Bitchy, driven, and she expects perfection from the people around She specializes in fashion shows and parties since she's had a ton of connections. She used to model full-time and still does occasionally. She was born in New York and briefly moved to Miami but she ended up moving back. A month after her return, her best friend Troy hooked her up with a nightclub owner named Zachary Calhoun.

Zachary Calhoun - Boyfriend Troy Masters - Best Friend
Olivia Santana
27. Lawyer. Meghan Markle.
Olivia Santana is the product of a semi broken home. Her father was a drug dealer and her mother was an exotic dancer but they still managed to be loving and supportive parents. That is until Olivia's father was sent to federal prison for narcotics and her mother sank into debt trying to raise three children on her own. Olivia quickly learned that the world can be cruel and you have to learn to do for yourself. So she got a job, took care of her siblings, and worked her way to graduation of both high school, college, and law school. After having an affair with her boss and quitting her job after an accident, Olivia has tried to regain footing in her life. She's renewed her relationship with the amazing architect who loves her regardless of her flaws and now they're moving in together.

Troy Masters - Boyfriend Daniel Harris - Boss
Gabriel Silva
19. Singer. Zayn Malik.
Gabe is an extremely private young man. Despite being on tour as 1/5th of the biggest pop boyband in the world. He's charming and charasmatic but extremely protective of his family. He's the result of an affair and he was left alone with his single mother and twin brother named Diego. His half-sister Sophia is very close with him despite the fact that their father cheated on her mother with Gabe's mother. He's very supportive of his sister but has a rocky relationship with his brother. Gabe hasn't been in contact with his father since he was 11 years old and he'd very much prefer to keep it that way. His girlfriend Max helps to chill the guy out.

Max Youngblood - Girlfriend Will Moore - Best Friend Kale Grimes - Best Friend Beya Martinez - Best Friend Kayla Pleasant - Secret Mama Bear
Sophia Silva
26. Model. Adriana Lima.
Sophia Sienna Silva is a model who's main concern in life was marrying someone for money. Disowned at age 16 and abandoned by age 18, Sophia had officially given up on love. Instead, she worked her job at a gentlemen's club named Seven as a way to meet high class men. She also worked as an escort for the elite few and that's how she met Julian Bryant. The model also began to open up emotionally and she gained the friendship of two of the most important people in her life. Within a year of meeting up again, Sophia realized she was in love with Julian and he loved her as well. They got engaged but it didn't last. The Victoria's Secret model is single and focusing on mingling.

Beya Martinez - Best Friend Daniel Harris - Best Friend Gabriel Silva - Brother Diego Silva - Brother
Deacon Turner
31. Professor. Henry Cavill.
Bastard child of West Monroe's golden child and a waitress, Deacon grew up to be a major outcast and that was fine with him. Being estranged from his siblings disturbed him but he moved past it and grew beyond it. He studied in Pennsylvania, England, and New York. Settling in New York to teach Romantic Poetry at Columbia University. He's very serious about his job but has ended up in something of a...situation. He's been sleeping with one of his students. Not only is he sleeping with her, he's falling for her and seriously considering having a relationship with her.

Evangeline Carter - Student/Lover
Ethan Vaughn
23. Law Student. Hunter Parrish.
Ethan is the heir of the Vaughn family infamy. Seriously, his entire family is full of rich fuck ups and for a while, he was the exact same way. It wasn't until his father died and his older brother literally ran far away from any and all responsibilities that Ethan had to grow up. He was seventeen when he took charge of his family's finances, put his own mother on a budget, and enrolled his sister in private school with the money from his father's life insurance payout. He's a law student now and still taking care of his family. Mainly his mother and sister since his aunts can't seem to stay out of the news.

Estelle Chambers - Best Friend/Crush